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Why You Should Dream Big!

Why You Should Dream Big

Why should you dream big? Because money is just but one way that we achieve our dreams. It is not the most important way. It’s just a necessary piece of the puzzle.

Real wealth is the relationships you forge and the hustle you grow into reality. What’s more important than money in the equation of achieving dreams is hustle. Your ability to grow into your potential. Every human being has an unlimited amount of potential. They use very little of it most of their lives. When you make progress on your dreams, and your reading studying experiencing thinking applying and executing you gain some priceless knowledge about yourself and your faith in your dreams.

At the end of the day you learn you don’t need the external as much as you need to discipline the internal. When growth in mindset begins to scale upwards your able to generate money out of thin air. It’s painful to outgrow old skin and shed it to make room for new skin. And the process takes months sometimes years depending on how bad the individual wants it and how comfortable he or she is being in constant discomfort.

But that’s how growth occurs. It doesn’t happen playing it safe, thinking you got it all covered, and that life isn’t going to throw obstacles your way more than you can handle or see coming. Success is a hard job to maintain. You can win the top spot and the spoils of war but dealing with life as a champion isn’t what most people think it is.

You don’t get the freedom to do whatever you want all the time. You do get it some of the time but most of the time your required to work incredibly hard and smart against a never ending mountain of adversity. Every step higher you go on the success latter every step harder it gets to maintain sustain and manage.

It used to be hard to make a million dollars now it’s being done everyday. The challenge these days is for people to make tens if not hundreds of millions and yet again it’s being done everyday. Then there’s the billion dollar level which is happening more often but still the toughest mountain to climb and sustain.

Chasing your dreams can take you across many mountains. And Unimaginable hardship struggle and difficulty. But if you really want it bad enough and your not just paying it lip service if you truly deeply want it you need to fight for it every single day against all odds over and above all challenges. Master your thoughts emotions actions and there will never be a day you cannot bounce back from.

Life has a filter to test those who say they want it and those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. It’s called hard work!!! Some run from it and others run to it. Chase your potential because along with it you will find money power fame and the best relationships you could ever ask for!

I have it made many times over yet im still the first one up and last one to stop. I don’t give excuses or effort I focus on results. People in my position would have quit working to some degree a long time ago. I act as if I can’t pay the rent and continue to hustle so hard that everyday I make progress towards my dreams.

That’s how bad I want it and how much it matters to me that I realize my potential. How bad do you want it? How much does it matter to you?

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