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Why will most people not become millionaires?

Why Will Most People Not Become Millionaires

Millions of people want to be millionaires. But none of them want to work like the millionaires do and deal with the headaches problems and challenges millionaires deal with. Everyone wants to get rich but very few want to work when they have the choice to do something so much more entertaining.

You can have whatever you want in life but remember it comes with the good the bad the beautiful and the Ugly and you don’t get to choose which good and which bad. It’s a take it all or leave it type of deal. If you want something bad enough but aren’t working hard enough smart enough and long enough then your definition of Wanting it BAD means you don’t really want it that bad. You kinda sorta want it. That on the fence attitude is one of the biggest reasons people short change themselves out of a higher quality of life.

They are afraid of commitment, afraid of dedication. But without some serious commitment and unshakable dedication you just don’t end up living your dreams. You end up living someone else’s who is more serious dedicated and committed than you are. People claim all kinds of excuses and reasons to justify why there is a delay in them getting successful, in them reaching the next level of their potential, in them making investments to secure their financial freedom.

Look into your loved ones faces and ask yourself is this excuse valid enough to withhold from my family a better life? The logical answer is NO there is nothing valid and genuine enough to deny those who supported you all your life from the best quality of life today.

Be your own best version. You cannot become the next version of someone else we all have our own unique destiny and purpose. For a long time I wanted to be the next bill gates. He was a brilliant entrepreneur investor and philanthropist. But I could never be the next bill, the more I tried the more I realized that God gave me gifts unique to my purpose and destiny that even good ol bill doesn’t have. Don’t try to be a second class version of someone else when God gave you the gift and golden opportunity to become the first and only version of YOU!

Don’t be afraid of the struggle, don’t be afraid of the hustle, or the dreamchasing learn to appreciate the opportunities that come with it. Learn to love the grind so much that all the lazy bastards of the world hate you for forcing them to raise their potential. If you want millions work like a millionaire, if you want a fast car work like a fast car does on the road. If you want a big house know that people with big houses work smarter and longer than people with small houses.

If all you have to do to realize your success is put in the work without accepting a single excuse then what the hell are you waiting for? Do whatever it takes to fall in love with the process that will get you from right now to dreams come true. When you love the hustle, and hunt down the progress As if your life depended on it you will claim your millions your quality of life and your destiny and purpose.

If your the leader of your family and tribe and your not leading them to dreams your forcing them to live in nightmares your fears and lack of action created. Your environment and surroundings are a direct result of your thoughts and beliefs internally. The greatest successes amongst us today don’t compete with their good thoughts against their bad thoughts. They dominate all thoughts and bend them into beautiful positive optimistic thoughts every single time. They discipline their minds into submission to a higher power higher consciousness and belief system.

When was the last time you let your mind get away with a negative thought? A negative response, or self limiting Belief. May I ask you why you did that? thoughts are like soldiers in the battle field and I’ll never let my soldiers die just like that I’ll always fight to re frame negative thoughts into battle field generals commanders and leaders. Our lives are a constant war between our thoughts and deeds. The war never ends till you die, and that means the fighting never stops. You need a battle plan to turn that brilliant mind of yours into a brilliant weapon of war upon all things negative pessimistic and poverty minded.

You can be a millionaire a great leader a highly regarded and loved human being when you decide being broke, poverty minded, petty, unrecognized, unloved and mediocre is not the life you were destined to have. And you get up off your ass and work so damn hard until God sees your pain frustration struggle and persistence.

When God sees how bad you want it, then my friends get ready for it to come like a tsunami. We can fake people into thinking we are working hard, even faking sweat, but the almighty sees it all from above, and you can’t fool him. He will give anyone their dreams if he sees them chasing them long enough and hard enough without ever giving up on them. Just stop pretending, stop procrastinating, stop being lazy with your dreams, you can’t meet a dream half way it’s all or nothing.

Dream chase or die your already doing one or the other!!!!

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