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What Is The Goal Of Meditation?

what is the goal of meditation

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you some exciting updates on my personal and business development, all thanks to taking my mindfulness meditation and practice to the next level.

What Is The Goal Of Meditation?

As a little bit of background, I’ve been invested in personal development practice meditation now for over a decade and began meditating around 2013. Today, my life is nothing short of amazing – I have all the freedom I need, a successful six-figure coaching business, plenty of free time, and the ability to pursue my passions. The only thing left to do is to start investing in real estate so I can begin to build lasting wealth (haha).

Recently, I decided to do an audit of my life and try to pinpoint which factors had the most positive impact on my personal and business growth. Was it the people I met? My commitment to my health? Starting my own business? While all of these factors were certainly important, they weren’t the top reason for my success.

After writing about it and reflecting, I realized that the number one factor in my growth and development was my meditation practices.

I thought to myself, well being what if I took this practice even more seriously? So that’s exactly what I did.

Instead of just meditating yoga for an hour each day, I began meditating for 2-4 hours daily, with regular retreats and sleep thrown in the mix. In fact, just yesterday, I spent 8 hours meditating completely offline.

At first, I was met with negative emotions and a lot of resistance. I found myself thinking, “I could have spent that time working on my business” or “I could have been making money during that time.” However, I pushed through the resistance and continued with my meditation practice.

Benefits of Meditation

Even when I was only meditating for an hour each day, I noticed a lot of cool things starting to happen in my life, including:

  • Beating my depression
  • Stopping my nail-biting habit
  • Recovering from burnout and almost completely eliminating stress
  • Learning with hyper-focus (I’m even able to listen to audiobooks at 3x speed!)
  • Alleviating joint pain that I had been experiencing for years (which was likely caused by unconscious tension)
  • Significantly improving my relationships
  • Increasing my focus on my business

By taking my meditation practice to the next level, I’ve seen even more growth, awareness and development in my personal and professional life. If you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life, I highly recommend giving meditation a try – you might be surprised at what you can achieve.

Through my experience of meditating 2-4 hours a day, something truly incredible has happened. The concept of “me” has started to disappear. I am still here, but it feels more like a persona that appears in present moment and disappears moment to moment. Occasionally, I get lost in it and fall back into unconsciousness, but then I catch myself.

I’m now operating from a view of “pure consciousness.” All of the things that make up my identity, such as my name, my body, my emotions and my memories, are still present, but they don’t seem any different than the laptop I’m typing on right now. It’s difficult to describe, but being in this state of consciousness feels like the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Reality feels dreamlike when I’m this “awake.”

As I continue to meditate, I’m starting to feel like life is a video game. The first time I experienced this was during a run when I decided not to listen to music. It felt like I was controlling a character in a video game. This feeling stays with me more and more, as if everything is a game, and we are living in a simulation. This isn’t just a mindset or something I’m thinking about, it’s how I experience life most of the time.

The implications of this are incredible. Any challenge or problem that I encounter, as long as it doesn’t involve my health or the health of a loved one, has become laughable. They’re nothing more than a quest in a computer game. This shift in perspective has had an incredible impact on my health, business, conscious mind, body, relationships, and quality of life.

My business doesn’t feel like business anymore. It’s become more like an “energetic-game.” I’m now thinking about things like what kind of energy I’m putting out there and what avatar I’m attracting, where I’m putting my energy to reach the right people, where the energy leaks in my business are, and where my business or I am not in flow, causing anxiety and a bottleneck.

The impact of this has even affected the way I view money. It’s now become hilarious to me, and all the worries and mind games I had about it feel completely arbitrary. The price I charge and the value my customers feel they are getting are all in the mind.

Overall, my experience of meditating has transformed my life in ways that are difficult to describe. I feel like I’m living in a dreamlike state, and life feels like a game. It’s as if I’ve unlocked a new level of self awareness and consciousness, and the impact it’s had on every aspect of my life is out of this world.

I have been experiencing a fascinating shift in my perception of time lately. Days seem to be stretching out, and I mean this in the best possible way. I find myself thinking, “Wow, did all of this happen today?” It reminds me of those exciting childhood days when I would go on adventures and return to bed exhausted and happy.

I think the reason for this change is that I have been focusing on meditation as a tool for personal growth. It has helped me shed negative habits, thought patterns, feelings and emotional reactions. I used to get angry or demotivated when things went wrong, but now I am much better at staying calm and focused. I have also become much more aware of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, which I can now address more quickly.

As a result of this newfound peace and mental clarity, I have been able to adopt a birds-eye-view of my work. I no longer get bogged down in the day-to-day grind, and instead, I focus on what will bring results for myself and my clients. This shift has led to less stress, happier clients, and more revenue for my business.

Speaking of clients, my coaching practice has also changed a great deal. While I used to take a more traditional approach, I now focus on teaching my clients meditation. It’s a meditation session not about crystals or mystical nonsense, but about the tangible benefits that come from developing a meditation practice. It takes time for clients to see the results, but once they do, they are hooked.

Overall, I believe that meditation and mindfulness really is the number one tool for rewiring yourself and changing your life, especially when it comes to business. I admit that I had some resistance to meditation at first, thinking that it was something only for “hippies.” But I was wrong, and I’m so glad that I gave it a chance.

In the future, I would love to share more insights with the community. Without the support of others, I would not be where I am today.

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