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Professions of the Future

Professions of the Future

According to the research carried out by the HeadHunter, the leading positions on the labor market are now occupied by such industries as sales, accounting and finance; marketing; advertizing and PR; banking. As the research has shown, demand for the sales managers exceeded the supply by 1%. The number of job postings in the sphere of accounting and finance also exceeded the number of job seekers’ resumes (12% job postings, 11% resumes).

Since the beginning of 2009 the recruiters have observed a certain growth of job postings, sales industry being a leader. As the recruiters forecast, the volume of new job postings will be equal to or a bit higher than the volume of those in December 2008 (about 1500). Despite some improvements on the labor market, the recruiters insist that the volume of job postings suggested to the white collars in January 2009 is by three times lower than that in January 2008.

What the recruiters advise

As the volume of job postings in January is still growing, the recruiters advise the job seekers should be active when searching for a job. As the jobs are distributed among all the industries, it is possible to find a job but it may take more time. Besides, it might be necessary to make certain compromises as for the requirements to the working place (location, etc.).
But as consistent with some other sources, among the leading occupations and industries of the nearest future one can name: Engineering.

Particularly in demand will be engineer-marketing analyst, i.e. the combination of the technical and economic or legal education as well as the working knowledge of a foreign language or a couple of them. IT/Software Development/Hardware Development.

Nowadays a site can be regarded as a face of a company and a cover by which its reliability is judged. So, there is no surprise that a number of organizations are ready to pay quite a lot to be noticed by the Internet users. In this connection, the occupation of a web-designer comes to the forth. Nanotechnologies.

This industry can be roughly divided into three main branches: microchip production, nano-robots and atomic engineering. Even now it is clear that the products of this sphere are getting more and more widespread in space engineering, food industry, medicine, etc. It is believed that the country achieving the nanotechnologies breakthrough will become a world leader. Electronics and Biotechnologies.

Biotechnologies are widely used in agriculture when working out GM products, in molecular medicine, etc. Customer Service.

One of the main features of the middle class growth is the necessity of the quality service. That’s why the growth rate of the service occupations will be increasing more than anything else. Logistics. Ecology.

Environmental problems don’t seem to be solved in the foreseeable future. So, on the one hand the number of ecologists will rise and so will the range of their knowledge embracing chemistry, biology, physics and computer modeling. Medicine – gerontology and rejuvenation.

Nowadays medicine has been successfully used the achievements of biotechnologies and electronics to fight aging. And more and more professionals are needed to work in this sphere. Chemistry.

These experts will be in great demand in the sphere of energy working out the alternative sources of energy.

Even now the experts mentioned above can easily find a job using such international job search sites as, or

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