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Determination Is The Key To Success!

Determination Is The Key To Success

Rise and grind! You can predict a route to an objective but it’s almost impossible to predict the exact route to a dream come true.

Chasing a dream takes you places you never could have imagined, it makes you experience things like failure endless amounts of times until you are immune to the shock and paralysis of it and are hardened to the true grit courage and grind it takes to start again and again until progress is made. I’ve predicted many outcomes in my life, I’ve been able to reach many mile markers, and short term goals. I got rich got strong grew smart beat some self limited beliefs and conquered some fears Because getting from point A to B requires nothing more than a plan and hustle behind that plan.

Getting from point A to point Z takes a really we’ll thought out plan, meticulous in every detail and a divine purpose so powerfully inspiring that you can deprive yourself of many comforts and luxuries and hustle so hard you learn to love the discomfort of the struggle and learn to do things whether you like them or not.

If you don’t want it more than anything else the dream always stays just outside of reach. It takes a certain level of insanity unconditional faith and pure creative madness to go the last 10 yards. Most dreams are broken on the 90 yard line. Most entrepreneurs give up on the first sign of objection or rejection. Most of the world settles for much less than they would have if they were younger and given the choice to be or not to be.

You have to want it so badly that every opportunity to get feedback criticism hate advice suggestions support respect practice and progress should be seized with both hands an open mind and an insatiable hunger. Purpose is often given along with immense responsibility. Knowledge and wisdom are often given to those who demonstrate consistent effort tirelessly.

Inside each and every single one of us is a purpose. A David being conditioned prepared and trained to fight our own inner goliaths. One must only conquer ones self to be given the wisdom to conquer his surroundings.

As I prepare for war today, I remind myself that no one can beat me in my chosen field of battle unless I myself and God almighty allow it. Nothing can stand in the way of a warrior who’s sole purpose is to realize his destiny. There could not exist a stone on this planet I would not turn over to find my deepest meaning and calling.

As the sun begins to rise today it rises alongside another day to close the gap between us and our dreams. It rises only with the permission of its creator as do you and I. If God gives you permission to live another day then take that day as your last and fight for what you truly believe in.

Serve humanity with the greatest dedication known to man. Getting from where you are right now to living the dream can only happen if you prepare for the unimaginable. The war of conquering your potential is one that is waged until the last breathe. Run towards your potential run as fast as you humanly can. Let’s go dreamchasing family dream chase or die!!! This day must be seized!!!

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