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The Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle Summary

The Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle

The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn is a book that delves into the different aspects of life that contribute to personal and professional success. With his insightful and practical advice, Rohn offers readers a roadmap to navigate the complexities of life and achieve their goals. In this summary, we will explore the key ideas and lessons presented in the book, and how they can be applied to improve various areas of our lives.

The Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle.

Life is a puzzle that requires putting together five major pieces in order to live a successful and fulfilling life. The first piece is philosophy. Your philosophy determines your success in life, and if it is lousy, you will have pennies in your pocket and less in the bank. The second piece is attitude. You must have a positive attitude and set new goals for yourself, learning from the past mistakes. The third piece is activity. Put wisdom and attitude into action and into labor, and you will see the magic of miracles happen in your life. The fourth piece is results. Results are the measure of your success, and checking them is crucial to understanding where you stand. The final piece is affirmations, which help you amend your errors and set truthful goals.

1. Philosophy

A good philosophy and attitude can help us achieve our goals and become successful. On the other hand, a lousy philosophy and negative attitude can hinder us from achieving our dreams and leave us with pennies in our pocket.

I have seen people blame their lack of success on external factors such as the government, taxes, weather, and even their height or upbringing. But the truth is, our philosophy and attitude have a more significant impact on our lives than external factors. If we have a lousy philosophy, we are unlikely to make wise decisions and will struggle to accumulate wealth. Similarly, a negative attitude can prevent us from taking advantage of opportunities that come our way.

To develop a good philosophy, we need to start by eliminating obvious errors in our thinking. We need to process information and think critically about the choices we make. For instance, instead of indulging in a chocolate bar every day, we can practice discipline by eating an apple instead. This small change can help us make better decisions and improve our lives.

2. Attitude – The Past does not equal the future. Learn from the past and set NEW GOALS.

Our attitude towards life is equally important. We should not let our past define our future. Instead, we should learn from our past mistakes and set new goals for ourselves. Without goals, we will take hesitant steps and remain unsure of where we are going. We need to design our future by setting clear objectives and taking actionable steps towards achieving them.

It’s also important to have a positive attitude towards other people. We need to recognize that we cannot achieve success alone. It takes a team effort to create something good. Whether it’s a family, business, or a nation, it takes all of us working together to achieve our goals. Therefore, we should treat others with respect and kindness.

Having a good attitude towards ourselves is equally important. We need to recognize our self-worth and believe in ourselves. If someone else can achieve success, we can do it too. We should not let our current circumstances limit us. We can change from nothing to something, from poor to rich. It all starts with education. We need to educate ourselves on what we are currently doing wrong and how we can improve. Motivation alone is not enough. We need to learn and apply what we have learned to our lives.

3. Activity

When I think about planting a tree, I imagine the daunting task of figuring out how to make one from scratch. However, I don’t have to worry about that because God has already done the hard work. All I have to do is plant the seed, nurture it with wisdom and attitude, and watch it grow into a beautiful tree. It’s a pretty good deal, and it reminds me that sometimes, all we need to do is take that first step, and the rest will fall into place.

I try to live by the mantra of doing what I can, and doing it to the best of my ability. It’s simple advice, but it’s effective. I find that making a list of things I’m neglecting or could easily do is a great way to take stock of my life and make positive changes. It could be something as simple as going for a walk every day or making a budget to improve my finances. Taking care of these small things can have a significant impact on my health, wealth, and overall wellbeing.

I also try to surround myself with people who have a positive attitude and a can-do spirit. These are the miracle-workers who can take any problem and find a solution. They are the ones who will read as many books as it takes or wake up as early as needed to get the job done. Being around such people inspires me to push myself further and reach my full potential.

In the Bible, Jesus tells his disciple Peter to go fishing to pay their taxes. Peter was a fisherman, and so he knew what to do. This story reminds me that sometimes the answer to our problems is right in front of us, but we need to be open to it. It also highlights the importance of taking action. If you can fish, and you don’t, you’ll never get your miracle. It’s essential to do what you can and not postpone things.

When Peter caught the first fish, he found coins in its mouth that were enough to pay his and Jesus’ taxes. It was a miracle, and it shows that things can work out even if we don’t understand how. Starting with small things and being disciplined in our approach can lead to miracles in our lives.

My philosophy is to do what I can, do it to the best of my ability, and take care of my part of the world. It’s not the external factors like the economy that will determine my future; it’s my attitude and approach to life. I focus on the soil, seeds, and sunshine in my life and try to make the most of every opportunity. That way, I know that I’m doing my best, and the rest will take care of itself.

4. Results

I can understand the importance of checking one’s progress and taking measurements to achieve success. It’s essential to evaluate yourself regularly to ensure that you’re on track to achieving your goals. You cannot let too much time pass without checking your progress.

In the last six years, how much money have you saved by investing? Have you saved any money? If the answer is zero, then you’ve messed up! Who sold you that plan? It’s imperative to save and invest money for your future. If you haven’t done so yet, then it’s time to start.

One of the best ways to gain knowledge and improve yourself is to read books. Wisdom of the world is available to everyone, and if you haven’t read any books in the last 90 days, then you’ve messed up. You can read about anything and everything that interests you. Reading books is an excellent way to learn new things and gain knowledge.

In the last six months, how many classes have you taken? Have you taken any classes to improve your skills or learn new ones? It’s essential to keep learning and growing, whether it’s for the American dream or personal growth. To become rich, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, and influential, you must keep learning and improving yourself. If you haven’t taken any classes, then you’ve messed up!

There are some things that you need to check every day, while others need to be checked at least once a week. It’s all about the results, the numbers. If the results are better than expected, then someone must have gotten it right. But if the results are worse than expected, then it’s time to evaluate your philosophy, attitude, and discipline.

Affirmations are essential, but they must be truthful. The truth will set you free and help you correct your mistakes. For example, if you’re broke, put a note on your refrigerator that says, “I am broke.” This will remind you that you need to do something to change your situation. If you need more affirmation, put up a note that says, “I’m 40 and broke!” This will give you a sense of urgency and remind you that you need to take action to change your life. To take it a step further, add, “I live in America, I’m 40 and broke!” This will remind you that you live in a country where opportunities abound, and you have no excuse for not taking action.

Success is a numbers game. You need to go for the numbers and know what they are. How committed are you to taking what’s available to you? You need to take action and make things happen. If you don’t take action, then you’ll never achieve your goals.

5. Lifestyle

I believe that lifestyle is all about learning how to live well. When I lay out all the puzzle pieces and start achieving results, I can begin to fashion a good life for myself. It’s important for me to remember that if I want to be wealthy, I need to study wealth. Similarly, if I want to be happy, I need to study happiness. I know that I can’t be lazy when it comes to learning. Instead, I must practice the art of productivity, the art of discipline, and the art of lifestyle.

To me, productivity is more than just getting things done. It’s about finding ways to work smarter, not harder. It’s about maximizing my time and resources to achieve my goals. I can do this by setting clear objectives, breaking them down into smaller tasks, and prioritizing my work accordingly. When I’m productive, I feel a sense of accomplishment that fuels my motivation to keep going.

Discipline is another crucial aspect of lifestyle. It helps me stay focused and committed to my goals, even when things get tough. To be disciplined, I must be intentional about my actions and hold myself accountable for my choices. This means setting boundaries, sticking to a schedule, and avoiding distractions that might derail me from my path. When I have discipline, I can trust myself to make the right decisions and stay on track.

Finally, lifestyle itself is an art that I must practice. It’s about finding a balance between work, rest, and play. It’s about taking care of my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. To do this, I must cultivate healthy habits like exercising regularly, eating well, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. I must also make time for things that bring me joy and fulfillment, like spending time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies, and exploring new experiences.

In conclusion, if you have a good philosophy, a positive attitude, take action, check your results, and set truthful goals, you will be on the path to success. Remember, your philosophy is what will determine your next six years, not the economy. It’s time to eliminate obvious errors and start practicing discipline to create a fulfilling life.

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