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Company's Name
Position Type
Hospitality - Hotel
Salary Range
£500 - £3500 Per Month
Required Experience
1 years
Required Education Level
Employment Types
Full-Time; Part-Time; Intern; Seasonal/Temp; Other
Creation Date
2017-02-17 12:25:16
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Euro Food and Drinks Ltd. Is one of the fastest growing suppliers of the decade.

Job Description

We are very well known within the ethnic market industry because of our passion for quality of eastern European foods. In order to accomplish great things with our customers, we always aim to get the best prices from our suppliers. As a company we are proud of delivering and managing the best quality products by providing the best customer service. As Euro Food and Drinks Ltd we pride ourselves on our wide and growing range of products and try aim for a different range of customers within the food and drink industry.

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