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Data Entry Specialist

Company's Name
Job Category
Position Type
Work at Home
Salary Range
$1500 - $3000 Per Month
Required Experience
0 years
Required Education Level
Employment Types
Creation Date
2016-07-25 01:41:12
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Data Entry Specialist

Job Description

We have one year our school data in files. And now we want to convert that data in excel sheet. So that in future we can maintain that proper style. We have 4 files and in each files approx. 1500 a4 size pages are there.
We will give you 750$ for 1500 pages. You have to make separate files for each. And maintain that data in proper format according to files. If you like we can show you scan sample. We have done scanning all files pages. For more detail contact us as soon as.

Contact number- 9012263416. Email:  
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Also we have offline data entry, online data entry, form filling, copy paste and ad posting jobs are available.
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