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Your skills and job search

Skills may be roughly defined as abilities enabling you to do certain things well. To find the job of your dream first and foremost presupposes defining your skills and then rendering them to a potential employer.


The most important skills include those which can be applied in as many industries as possible. Look through the tips below and probably they will help you to land a right job.


Almost all the skills can be mastered during learning, training, seminars, etc.


Arranging and putting your skills in order is sure to help you first fill in applications and then during the interview – it’s always easier to answer the question of a potential employer if everything is structured and organized on your mind.


Try to categorize your skills from the point of view of your hobbies and working experience (if any).

1)Interests. List everything you can or could do well in the past. After that, try to guess what skills were necessary for this or that activity. All of these skills will show whether you are able to work as a team player or have some leadership abilities; are able to handle 100 tasks at a time or have an outstanding communication talent. The number of your skills may turn out to be absolutely infinite. So, don’t forget to list all of them!


2)Work experience. Here you have an opportunity to mention any job you have ever

done, including any volunteer, or part-time or summer job.


As soon as the list of your skills ready, you may freely go to a special job search organization or start your job search yourself using job search web sites available. But don’t forget the rule that you should adapt the list of your skills to each definite job not to look ridiculous and make the right impression on your future employer.