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What are your skills?

Deciding to apply for a job, think about your strong and weak points. Knowing your advantages will give you an opportunity to feel more confident. But do not get too confident because your employer will inevitably feel it and your chances to get a job will go down.


What skills do you have?


Start identifying them. This may be a bit problematic because very often people feel a bit ashamed and embarrassed when it comes to enumerating their strong points. But this is not good for f you are thinking about landing a good job. You should be able to inform an employer about what you can do. It may be hard to stick to a happy medium not to be too confident and not to sell yourself for peanuts. And if a potential employer asks you what you can do, you certainly should be perfectly able to tell them why namely you and due to what skills are the best candidate for this position. But even before the interview, you should demonstrate your skills to your advantage.


Kinds of skills there are


There exist basically two types of skills – the so-called hard and soft. To the first group belong the skills which are material to a certain extent. For example, your abilities to type something quickly on the computer, speak 10 foreign languages, etc. As for the second group, these are mainly your inner features, traits of you character. For instance, possessing great organizational skills, being decisive or being a team-player.


Dos list


Think about your previous jobs and experience you have


Remember all the jobs you ever had and the things you did and learnt to do working there. There will be quite a lot to mention, so be attentive enough not to lose anything. If you participated in some volunteer or charity events, be sure to add them to your list, too.


Include your hobbies


What are they? Think about your hobbies very carefully because the things which may have no particular value for you may be of great use and importance for your employer. Do you easily make friends? Do you remain cool in critical situations? Bear the in mind as your hobbies can come in very handy.


What is your dream career?


It’s very important to know for sure in what field you would like to work because the list of your skills will directly depend upon it. Always bear in mind that a concrete job should have a concrete skill list.


Be honest


No matter what you should write in your resume, you will have to prove it during the interview and if you are lucky enough, when you are employed as well. So, if you mention your great organizational skills, do not forget to demonstrate them.


So, it is evident how important it is to be well aware of what you can do.