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Useful tips on how to search for a job

Before you start looking for a job, it is necessary to learn to sell your skills and talents in a profitable for you way. This will give you an opportunity to assess yourself adequately. To simplify the process, it is recommended to put down everything you are good at and the weak points you’d rather avoid. There may be jobs you are too good for or those you do not have enough qualifications for. As soon as you are through, think about which companies and employers you would like to work for. Try to do this in the morning at the beginning of the working day. It will impress prospective employers in a positive way and you will have time to complete the process of application if you are lucky.


When seeking for a job, the first thing to be done is the creation of an impressive and all-embracing resume. Remember, there is no one resume which would match any vacancy. Resume should be adjusted to a definite vacancy in each case. You may be also asked to provide a CV, a cover letter or a letter of intent. It’s better to have these things ready or if you have an opportunity, you may ask a human resources manager whether they are necessary or not.


Having prepared all the necessary documents necessary for you to apply, you may start searching for a job. There are various ways how to do it. But more and more people prefer doing this via the internet although experts recommend to combine as many ways as you can.


What are other places where you could look for a job?


You may try local newspapers for a start. If you apply for several local companies at a time, it may significantly save your tie, efforts and money. If you find the job late in the evening but still have some time before the company closes, do not hesitate and call at once to have your questions answered.

How to apply for a job which is not advertised?


Rather often than not, companies and other employers do not post any advertisements about new vacancies they have at their disposal. In this case try to think everything over, look through your resume, polish it if necessary and send it to the company you are interested in.


Do not miss an opportunity and tell as many people as you can that you are looking for a job. This may be your relatives, acquaintances, ex-coworkers and so on. Even if they do not have any concrete vacancy on their mind, they may know someone who will be very helpful in your job search.


You may also consider getting the information from Yellow Pages. There you may find rather useful information like where you can call when searching for a job. Besides, there you will find a full list of the companies available in your area. You may also be interested in visiting the library. There may be some lists of the companies which employ and you may ask a librarian about it.


Having sent the necessary documentation, create some Excel document where you can put down the name of the company and the date when your resume, etc. was submitted.


Look through the do’s list of the job search process:

1.      State what experience you possess

2.      Write who your prospective employers are

3.      Prepare the necessary documents

4.      Make a schedule

5.      Contact companies or other potential employers

6.      Get prepared for the interview

7.      Assess your advantages and disadvantages of your performance after the interview

8.      Send a thank-you note

9.      Enjoy your job!