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Use your Warm Contacts to Succed in your Job Search

It may be problematic for you to network when you conduct a job search if you do not use your warm contacts and do not get from the information you need.  Because sometimes your warm contacts may refer you to two people at a time.

But don’t forget that there are situations when your warm contacts may not be that willing to share the information they have. Especially, if they are not that close friends of yours. That’s may be the main reason which will make you face the difficulties when networking for a job.

Look through the tips below and perhaps they will simplify this process.

Cherish your warm contacts

Remember your warm contacts not when you are going to ask for help but in general. Send them some cards or probably type a sms from time to time. As a result when you need their help, they will be more willing to help.

Be polite

It may happen that you won’t know one of your most precious warm contacts that well. So, it is recommended not to call straightaway but first send some note or invite this person for lunch.

Be a good listener

Even though your warm contact may not know that much about the field where you are searching for a job, they may still provide some piece of advice which is sure to turn out to be rather helpful in the future. Besides, they may recommend you how to talk correctly to the people you will be referred to. They may also advise what kind of qualifications potential employers are interested in.

Ask for two referrals the least

Before asking for referrals, you should make sure that your war contact has said everything they intended to. Do not interrupt them!

As soon as they have finished, ask them for at least two referrals. If they can’t, do not hesitate to ask why. If they give any explanations, listen carefully to them as they may contain some useful tips on what you should improve in your tactics.

But they may also not know any person they could refer you, too. In this case ask them to be alert and you can even leave the copy of your resume.

Ask for two referrals only

If you ask for more than two, it may be considered to be impolite as it may take a lot of time from your warm contact. Apart from this, they may think you do not want to search for a job yourself but simply rely and count on their help.

Contact the referrals as soon as you can

Rather often than not, your warm contact may call your referral to tell them about you. Or, if you are the first to call your referral, they may contact your warm contact to check who you are.

Anyway, contact them as soon as you can because you are interested in both of them remembering you.