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Tips on writing an appropriate cover letter

What importance does a cover letter have to help you succeed in your job search?

The main purpose of any cover letter is to explain why you are the right person to be hired to perform this or that job. This is some kind of a commercial to your resume.

To compose a successful cover letter, bear in mind these six points.

1.      Always think about your potential employer and their needs. After that think they will benefit from hiring you and how you will be able to solve their problems. That’s exactly what you should say in your cover letter using the minimum number of words.

2.      Show you know a lot about the company you apply with. Having so many sources of information at your disposal nowadays, it is of great use to use some names of people working at this company or the products of this company in your cover letter. It will show to your employer that you have been preparing to produce it.

3.      Name briefly your qualifications and achievements. Do not repeat the information you will dwell upon in greater details on your resume. But give some hints to generate interest in your potential employer.

4.      Be enthusiastic about the prospective job. Render that you are enthusiastic about employment opportunity as such, rather than about earning money.

5.      Point out that you will contact your prospective employer in a couple of days. If you politely mention in your cover letter that you are going to call them in some days, you are sure to impress them with your confidence.

6.      Be short. The majority of applicants do not understand that their cover letter SHOULD NOT be long.

Bear these simple rules in mind and you are sure to compose an appropriate cover letter.