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Tips on job search

No matter what the reason to start your job search is, we hope the following tips will be useful and helpful in your job search process.

·         Read your resume for mistakes

Before sending your resume to a potential employer, read it carefully through at least three times.  Besides, do not forget that applying for a definite position analyze whether the format and style of your resume is appropriate enough. Apart from this, take care your resume is neither too long, nor too short.

·         Going to the interview

According to a number of surveys held among recruiters and employers, the majority of applicants make mistakes namely in the interview. The most widespread mistakes include being late for the interview, not having enough information about the company and the position they apply for and arrogant behavior. The body language of a paramount importance, and the candidate should pay attention to eye contact, the way he shakes hands with their potential employer and never cross your arms as if defending yourself.  Besides, the way the candidate is dressed up matters a lot since the candidate’s confidence directly depends on it.

·         Answer the questions adequately

There is a tendency among the applicants to get tense and forget the question which has been asked. In such cases an interviewer may have an impression that the applicant is not prepared. So, before going to the interview, search for the information about the company. Besides, be very attentive while studying the vacancy they have because you are to be asked the question why namely you are the best candidate for this position. And here an applicant should be prepared to tell what his strong points are.

·         Try to get a referral

Having a referral, your chances to have a successful interview are getting significantly higher. So, if you have an opportunity, try to get a referral from some employee of the company you are applying with. According to statistics, namely those people who have a referral get hired. But in case you do not know any person from this company, do not get upset. Think about people from your warm-contact list or those you have worked together. Probably, they may give you the referral you need.

·         Applying online

Nowadays more and more companies ask the applicants to send their resumes online. In this case the employer will not see you but your email which should be perfectly polished. Consider the following tips when applying online:

§  Use complete sentences and avoid abbreviations.

§  Get directly to the point. Do not write too long letter hoping to catch the attention of a potential employer. They may only get irritated because of its length.

§  Think about possible obstacles you may come across applying for a definite job. Here belong the jobs where you first may need to get an additional training. Or the position may require the experience you do not have.

It is a challenge to get the job of your dream. But never get too desperate and do not hurry. It is better to wait for some time and get the job you want than to get the one you will hate.