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Tips on advertizing job search

Here is some useful advice, in case you do not know how to start:


1. Study yourself


You should understand what kind of job attracts you and what your strong points are, and follow these principles in your job searching.


2. Other people can also help you to select a job.


It has been known for centuries that other people see you better then you do. You can ask your friends or neighbors about your strong and weak points. Your co-workers can also give you some characteristics. Knowing all pros and cons in your character and professional skills, you can change them for the better. All this could be helpful in identifying your professional orientation.


3. Estimate your career opportunities.


You can estimate your career chances through the on-line tests. They can help you to understand your competence and work history.


4. What motivates you?


All people are motivated in different ways. Some are interested in status, others - in the number of figures in salary. Some want to change the situation in their country and the world, others want just to change the financial situation in their family.


5. Take responsibility.


At the end of the XXth century, working for the big company you knew that you could work for them during the whole process of your career development. Now, in large companies your career is managed by the management.


Nowadays, during your career, you can work for five companies or even more. So, you should decide now, what career path attracts you and what results you wish at the end!


6. Define the size of the company.


Almost all companies make an emphasis on implementation and performance, culture and professional aims. You need to compare your own values and concepts with the company’s ones.

You should feel comfortable and at ease.


7. Willingness to change.


 If you wish your career to grow, you should be ready for constant changes, travelling and discoveries.


8. Counterpoise your life


Your life and work should always be in balance. When you are in your 20s or 30s it is easy to dedicate yourself to your work, but after 40s your personal life gets more important, so you need to find some compromise


9. Do not give up.


Even if your career is growing in a wrong way or has just stopped growing, never give up. Everything  is up to you!