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The importance of thank-you notes when looking for a job

Career counselors recommend the job seekers to send thank-you notes after each interview. Below you will find tips on what and how to write and send it. So, look through these answers to FAQ.


Are thank-you notes really necessary?


Yes, they are. This is a general form of politeness and the majority of employers will be pleased to know that their interviewees and potential employers appreciate their time. Besides, this is a nice way to remind about yourself after the interview.


Will it threaten my chances to get the job?


As a rule, no. Although, it may in some definite cases. So, why risk, you may ask? Because very often employers can’t make up their mind if they have to choose between two strongest candidates. But then an employer gets a thank-you note from one of them. And the problem is automatically solved. Thanks to this demonstration of good manners one person gets a job and the other doesn’t.


Should be written or typed?


It’s not that important as a rule. What is important is that you do this. Do not forget to make it in such a way that it matches your interviewer.


Is it possible to email the note?


When you start thinking about, it seems that it’s inappropriate. But in case the company uses email for communication, then it’s absolutely possible. But at any rate, an ordinary letter is always a good solution.


Can you be relaxed as for the quality of the thank-you note if you are sure you’ll be hired?


Never! Remember the first example of the employer’s doubts who to hire? Be sure, if you send a note full of mistakes, you are very unlikely to make a positive impression on your potential employer. Hardly there will be employers who are eager to teach you some primitive writing skills.


Can I borrow a thank-you letter?


Yes, it’s quite all right. But be attentive and check whether it matches the vacancy you apply for. So, never lift the whole letter and find time to carefully read it through.


If I had a panel interview, should each interviewer get a thank-you letter?


Yes, this is the best scenario. All the participants should get the same text which is only slightly modified to match each person.


When after the interview is it recommended to send a note?


Following the general rule, it is advisable to send the note within 24 hours after the interview has been finished.


Should I still send the note if the employer gets it after I have been hired already?


Think about it and perhaps you’ll be able to find a quicker solution. For example, consider using fax or express delivery. Or you might even deliver it yourself. This is sure to make a great impression on the employer.


What to do if there is an offer before even sending the note?


It is still recommended to send this note as it can be used as a way to accept or decline this offer in a polite way. Besides, you may also us it to discuss your terms of employment.


Do your best to make your thank-you notes as personal as you can. Try to remember some specific details you noticed during the interview and then use them when composing your thank-you note.