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The importance of being skilful

It is of paramount importance to stress the skills you are lucky to possess comparing to other job seekers in the interview. Labor market being so tough, it’s a really hard task to persuade a potential employer you are able to be beneficial for their company.


It comes as no surprise that most of the companies search for employees different from thousands of other applicants, i.e. the ones having some unique skills.


Skills can be divided into three basic groups – those basing on knowledge, those which can be transferred, and those demonstrating personal features.


1)      To the first group belong the skills you learn out of your experience. For example, education, some courses or workshops you might attend. Apart from this here can also be referred such categories as computer knowledge, your ability to communicate well, marketing skills, skills of an interpreter. It is evident that these skills may vary depending on the field of industry of each job seeker.


2)      The second group of skills includes the ones which you will use at this concrete job in this definite company. Actually, you should at once remember about these skills as soon as an interviewer asks you what your benefit will be if you are employed by the company. They are of paramount importance for any employer because everyone is interested to hire a person who possesses some unique knowledge different from those the employees of this company already have. Here belong such skills as problem solving, team leadership, organizing skills, project management, etc. Naturally, these skills vary depending on the experience of each person.


3)      Skills demonstrating who you are your personal skills. The case when you should immediately remember about this set of skills is when a potential employer asks you to tell something about yourself. Your response can hardly be overestimated. These skills embrace your ambitions, goals, creativity, and responsibility and so on.


Not to be taken off guard, consider your skills you had to use at different stages of your life. Made a full list of them and be ready to use when there is a necessity.

As soon as the list is ready, think about the wording. Your time in the interview will be limited. So, try to find the right and precise words to render everything you would like employer to know.


Very often companies search for some unusual skills in their new employees. Nevertheless, do not forget about some primary skills any employer is interested in. Here refer your abilities of a leader, communicative skills, ability to work in a team.

Try to follow these tips and your chances to land the right job will automatically increase.