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Successful Interview: What to put on?

Interview requires a thorough preparation. And special attention should be paid to the way a candidate looks. You may be surprised but very often a final decision whether to hire or not is made basing on the candidate’s clothes.


Being dressed appropriately, you are almost 100% sure to get better questions and be treated with more respect. Some may argue that it’s your inner qualities and characteristics that matters. But you have only one chance to impress potential employers. Use it!


There are traditional recommendations which actually shouldn’t be applied to any state. For instance, in New York people wear whatever they want in any situation and may shock a bit more conservative individuals.


Below are the top ten do's and don'ts during an interview:


·         Avoid very bright nail polish. The same is true for extremely long nails. You may come across some strict employer who may be not very fond of them.


·         Do not wear jewelry producing sounds when you speak or move. Avoid wearing many rings and earrings. Piercing is not appropriate either.


·         Visit a professional hairdresser before the interview.

·         Women are recommended to wear closed shoes but heels are mostly welcome as they tend to cause more confidence and respect, as a result.


·         Ladies are advised to put on stockings irrespective of the temperature and desirably those creating neutral effect.


·         Bear in mind that a good dress or suit will also make you feel more confident and your answers will sound more natural.


·         It is not recommended to women to put on short mini-skirts. The same concerns pants or leggings.


·         Think about some appropriate blazers which do not look out of fashion.


·         Speaking about men, ties are always considered to be appropriate. It is advisable not to put on turtlenecks.


·         Men should not overuse the aftershave.

·         The bags women have should not be very bright and should match the clothes.


·         If you are going to have a briefcase, it should look perfect.


The appearance is sure to convey the right message to a potential employer. In the interview this may be an advantage. The main rule to remember is that an applicant should look stylish but in a rather conservative way.


Take into account what is fashionable as even the most minor detail may count, from your ability to keep an eye contact to the manner of dressing.


No matter how great you are at what you do, if the first impression is negative, you are very unlikely to get the position in this company.


And it doesn’t matter whether this impression is fair. It is simply so.