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Starting Your Accounting Career


Financial or accounting college graduates usually have a good opportunity to receive a position in a big company. Wharton, Harvard or other Ivy League school graduates afford a chance to become an employee of the “Big 4” accounting firms — KPMG, , Ernst & Young, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These companies prefer hiring students of the last years with some practical experience to derive the greatest benefit they can. And you should be prepared to the fact that after a busy period some big companies let new hires go.


Smaller local accounting firms are a good opportunity for middle-aged people with a finance or business degree received in an accredited college or university. Also to make a serious impression and show your decisive attitude to an accounting career it will be necessary to pass the SPA exam.


If you have a desire to study but you are restricted in time or money, you should consider the online degree route. To save your time and money pay special attention and make sure that your online university obtained necessary accreditations and the credits from your school are accepted by State Board of Accountancy.


Experience is also extremely important and is required by most of the companies. If you are among a lot of people of 22, who have had no job to get experience yet, you should look closely at non-profit organizations and community businesses, where you can offer your knowledge and work for free getting the opportunity to earn experience. Finished courses in IT, computer programming, advanced mathematics or other skills useful in modern economy can also make you standing out against the rest.


Career of an accountant can be various and your personal sense will lead you to the desirable path. We list the main options below:


Tax Accountant. Sound knowledge of tax and legal accounting is required for this job. Also you have to be constantly aware of the latest updates in tax law. Remember that usually it’s a seasonal work; if want to have a stable position, make certain that the company is going to hire you for a long term. 



 Auditing Work. This job is in good demand, as every company or organization needs auditing work. It supposes that you plunge into the company’s and its branches’ activity, make a careful study of process of products and services sale and inspect the way income flows into the company. Be ready to manage ledgers and accounts and adhere to state and federal laws.



Budget Analyst. Your job will consist in designing financial plans for companies. In this field it’s all-important to have strong negotiation skills.



Management Accounting. In the company you will play an essential role when the case concerns the financial side of restructuring a company or merging with another enterprise. Your work will be coordinated with the marketing and finance departments of the company, which has to result in development and realization of new business strategies. To stay the course a lot of companies have to merge or restructure in tough economy circumstances, that’s why requirement for such specialists is constantly increasing.



Certified Public Accountant. In this case you will work for yourself and become a self-boss. It can bring you independence and gives an opportunity to develop individual business relations with your clients. Usually the CPA path is for highly skilled and experienced accountants.



It is always a challenge to get a job, especially the first one. However, if you decided to choose an accounting field, remember, that here you can meet a plenty of professional opportunities. Please, comment below.