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Prompts on public health service job search

Job in public health service is the most required job nowadays. It is so because more and more nations feel the shortage of medical staff. Indeed, work in health care is the most demanded one, equal to IT and accounting, not only for employees but for employers, too. In addition to the growing demand for job in public health service, it is the most awarding job worldwide.

Salaries of Pediatricians, for example, in the United States are about $74 hourly and $153.370.00 annual, and Dentists and all other specialists earn about $65 hourly and $142,070 annual. According to the government data, the average salary of doctors in the United States increased during the year by 4.6%.

If you dream about building your career in health service, we have a few tips for you:

1.      The cobbler should stick to his last

This saying tells us that you should be perfect at what you are doing. In health care, human life depends on your work.  So, if you are sure that your mission is caring for others and you have a medical diploma, then a remunerative job is guaranteed to you.

2.      Forbes magazine made an annual ranking of occupations in 2008. It turned out that in the United States doctors earn more than anyone else. Leading position in the ranking of the salaries for the second year is occupied by anesthetists with about $193 thousand dollars of annual income. After anesthesiology, there come surgeons ($191.4 thousand dollars) and orthodontists ($185.3 thousand U.S. dollars). They are followed by professionals dealing with dentistry, fertility, and other representatives of the medical industry.

     3. Nursing & Medical Services

Perhaps the best bet in 2009: Becoming a registered nurse or a medical technician. With over 50,000 new nursing jobs to be created this year alone, med techs and nurses will have their peak of jobs and salaries, the latter averaging about $57.000 per year.


Social services jobs will see a boom too, as a large number of retirees check-in for medical care, says the most recent report by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). But not all health care jobs will see equal growth. The growth here will mostly deal with the services and delivery people--nurses and technicians--than administrators.

The health-care field has been booming for a long time, and all signs prove it will continue to remain the same. College students and people looking for a new job field would be wise to consider health care jobs.