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To present oneself - is a science.


Through the lack of presentation skills, some job-seekers just can not present themselves beneficially in the interview. On the other hand, trying to stand out against others, job-seekers frequently fall back upon unconventional and risky solutions. Meanwhile, recruiters emphasize that employers always look for a professional worker. So, it is mostly important for the candidates to show their commutability and ability to achieve striking results.

How to "sell" YOURSELF profitABLY to the employer?

Where you've that, you've 'alf the battle of success. - (J. Galsworthy, ‘Beyond’, part III, ch. IX)

The guarantees of success are: good experience, striking results, knowledge and skills. If an applicant has all these qualities, but still does not know how to present them properly, he or she should consult the recruiters or visit the appropriate training.

For a simple self-evaluation it is enough just to take a pencil and write down on a piece of paper your strong and weak points, achievements and skills. And you will get a real picture.

However, in the staff recruitment, companies are guided not only by such criteria as knowledge, skills and experience, but they also pay attention to the personal characteristics of the applicant. If the employer is aware that the candidate applying for a job is not the type of person they need, the chances to get this job are equal to none.  And in this case you need to look for another employer.

According to HR-manager of the portal Jobofmine, Liza Brown, in job searching process it is extremely important to pay attention to your resume, make it correct, clear and logic. "You can find thousands of tips on resume writing on the internet or use the professional advice and support," – she says. HR-manager of JobOfMine advises applicants should carefully study the requirements of employer and honestly decide whether they meet them in order to avoid any failure.

Those who have lost their jobs in the crisis time would be able to check their own abilities through employment services.

Creativity in Job Search

Recruiters are usually careful when it comes to the unconventional job search methods, such as the placement of defiant big-boards under the office of the company. Experts of labor market warn that the main thing is not to overdo, otherwise you can ruin the impression of yourself.

Speaking about unconventionality, one should remember about your target audience - the audience you are going to deal with. Almost everything will depend on the quality of performance of this unconventionality. After all, there are some areas where such "feints" can be even encouraged, for example, in advertising business.

An employer can understand your non-standard ways of job searching, if you are looking for a creative job. To find a job, you need to understand how the process of recruiting is organized, including who, and under what conditions, makes the final decision.

Experts advise one should be creative in the areas where applicants can apply their knowledge and experience; otherwise their approach might be not appreciated.

Experts also suggest that instead of unconventionality, job-seekers could improve themselves. They believe it is better to add to the resume the competent cover letter where you can specify why namely you are the best candidate to this position and why you are interested in this work. This will beneficially stand out against other applicants.


Some Mistakes Job-seekers make

For almost all “failures”, applicants have to blame themselves, as the experts of labor market say.

As a rule, the majority of future careerists simply do not adhere to basic rules of business etiquette.
Candidates are often late for the meeting, do not follow the dress code, and do not switch off mobile phones before the interview. During the interview their answers are too long, although 2-3 minutes might be enough to embrace even a complicated question. But short answers "yes" and "no" are of no help, too.

Experts suggest do not speak badly about a previous job and do not tell lie about applicant’s achievements and skills, because truth will out in the end as certain as summer follows spring. You can praise yourself, but it is important not to overdo. And most important thing is to honestly and sincerely answer the questions.

Before the interview with a potential employer, it is recommended to ask the personnel manager about what information is important in the interview, what questions you can ask, how to behave. HR manager is also interested to close the vacancy. Moreover, such questions will demonstrate your interest in the company on the professional level that only plays into your hands!