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Job interview

After your resume has been strictly checked by employer, you may be invited to the interview if your candidacy is completely relevant to the opened position.


Your resume can get to the employers hands in several ways: it could be send by recruiting agency, by someone already working in this company or by you yourself directly applying your CV on the website of the company.


Employer has to check about hundreds of applicants’ resume and that is why he or she cannot spare more than half a minute to each of them. So, your resume should be brief and relevant, without mistakes.


But from your resume employer can only get to know superficial information about you and your work experience and during interviewing he or she will try to know more about your personality.


The hirer will ask about your job experience, what kind of training you have, what achievements you attained at your previous job. They can also ask about your family relationships, it will show your ability to communicate with another person.


Hirer likes to ask why you are applying for this job and what kind of benefits you can bring to them, where you imagine yourself in several years. Such questions usually show employee’s attitude to this job and their future development.

After interviewer has finished, they give you time to ask what you want to know.

 If there are no more questions, interview is over.

Next step of the job searching process should be inviting to the work if you succeeded the interview and employer is satisfied with your candidacy.