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Job-hunting advice

Labor market is full of cut-throat competitions. You can use our advice to simplify your job searching and do it more consciously.


Your resume is the most significant part of job searching from which you should start. Almost every employer has to select among several candidates and that is why employer should check every resume in order not to waste their time on the applicants whom they won’t want to hire. 

Research shows that some employers, when hiring, are guided by applicant work experience mentioned in resume and other employers by résumé’s dummy.

1. Make your Resume exclusive

To make you CV exclusive you can use print which will catch the eye that will stick in the employer’s memory and will stir up a wish to read it.

Please, make sure that your work experience listed on your resume is relevant to the job you are applying for.

2. Make your resume brief and relevant.
Your resume shouldn’t be too long as this can discourage the attention of the employer who appreciates their time. If your resume indicates that you appreciate employer’s time, showing the most significant information in a minimum amount of time, be sure you have won one significant battle.

3. Always adapt your resume to the job you are applying for.
If you have some previous experience, which is not relevant to the work you are applying for, you will need to make several versions of your resume for different jobs. Make sure that your resume is relevant to this work. One resume for all situations may be not the best way, since an employer might think that you have not made enough efforts to make a positive impression on them.


4. Specify your achievements
All of your achievements listed on the resume should always be true. Since if these achievements are fictitious, it will be evident and will make you a bad advertisement. But anyway, you shouldn’t point out your weaknesses.

5. Polish your resume
Your employer will notice if you spend enough time to prepare a resume. If an employer noticed it, they may think that you will do the same at your work. This is good for you. Therefore, spend a few days or even weeks to polish your resume, for some people are quite normal.