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Ideal resume

Going to the interview, you should bear in mind that employer has no idea about how and where you saw this definite job posting; whether it was some job search website or a headhunter or probably something else.


To get the first impression about you, the employer will have to look through your resume. But as their time is normally limited, it will hardly take more than 30 seconds. Be attentive and check there are no mistakes on your resume not to spoil this first impression which is so important.


Resume should contain complete information about the applicant. To get a clearer view on the subject, you may consult the internet as there are really a lot of free samples. But first and foremost, don’t forget to state your name, address, phone number and any other information which will help the employer to get in touch with you if necessary and plan the interview.


Then there comes the career goal. Here it is necessary to explain why you feel like applying for this position. Bearing a definite goal in mind will make the necessary impression on the employer and persuade him that you are straight-forwarded and are sure to be beneficial for the company.


The following passage should contain some information about knowledge and skills which demonstrate you are the best candidate for this position. Don’t forget any accomplishments you’ve made at your previous job as well as about any other useful experience which may also come in handy in the position you are applying for. Apart from this, it will demonstrate your value to the company.


Further on, it is necessary to provide some information on your education.

The last point to mention is some of your hobbies. It is particularly great if they are somehow connected with your occupation or position. Your communication skills come here to the forth as in the majority of cases we have to work as a part of the team and it always presupposes communication. Character references are also of great use.

Hardly there is unanimous standard of writing a resume. But keep in mind, it’s a job in itself. To move on, your resume should really be great!