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How to win the competition with co-workers!

Earlier, you could have been indifferent if your colleague was working better than you, but now, in crisis time, to be the worse worker in the staff – means to get the hook. Experts of JobOfMine team give five tips how to become the best among equals.

To become an Olympic champion among co-workers, it is necessary to make maximum efforts and refuse to use the "dope" in the form of eavesdropping of clients and forgery of records.

1. Play fair
Only a blind person will not notice the loss of their client. And the point is not even that the ordinary manager “has it all worked out ahead of time” but that this situation will immediately be brought to the attention of the Chief. In this case, you will be disqualified without the right to excuse. So, if you set a goal - follow it honestly, stalking along.

2. Dedicate all your time to your job
Your task is not to make it look as if you were working, but literally, “break your neck”.And last words are also real taking into account the labor shedding, when the remaining members of the staff receive additional load. Come to work earlier than chief, leave later. Forget about habit of drinking tea on the half hour or having smoke breaks. Your activity will show to your boss that you really get down to work and do not stop, until you become "employee of the month, year, and / or century."

3. Work transparently
All of your actions, even the stages of the work should be known to your chief. Of course, you do not have to report about each customer call, but use the key moments, for example, preparing the report and inform the boss about the shutdown of any phase of work.

4. Help your co-workers, but to the extent
If someone from your co-worker asks you for help, you can refuse, of course, citing the busy schedule or workload. But this can be done only if you really can not help. And if the recourse is trifle, but your co-worker does not know how to solve the problem, you can help with deed or simply some valuable advice.

5. Be active
Be active at the planning or staff meetings and conferences. This does not mean that you need to speak on every occasion, of course. But if you have a good, considered idea, you have to voice it and explain how you see its realization.
Your boss will appreciate such ideas coming from you constantly, especially when they can optimize and improve the work quality of your department.