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How to make your small buisiness prosper

There is a film "You've Got Mail" starring Meg Ryan who owns a small and rather expensive bookstore. Nevertheless, she manages to prosper. But there appears a young man who’s going to create one more shop within his net of bookshops. And the character of Meg Ryan goes bankrupt. Nowadays the plot would be a bit different. Small business now tends to develop.


Consider the tips below on what you could do to stay aloft running a small business.


1.      There is a big competition among small businesses.


No matter what kind of business you run, you should learn about the competition.

In order to survive among your tough competitors, follow the advice below:

·         Make your business alive.

If you see your money disappearing, consider the way you run the business. Perhaps, you should think more carefully about the purchases you make and if some of them are not that necessary, do not buy anything.

·         Do not hesitate when you feel you need a professional support.

Very often small businesses fail because their owners do not consult experts and make decisions themselves. But unfortunately no matter how carefully you think over your plan, there may be some consequences you do not see at the beginning.

·         Be alert and sure when it comes to accounting.

In the majority of cases it is recommended to hire a professional accountant. If you do not need this person on a regular basis, try to find someone you may refer to when you need their help.

·         Try to visit any free business course or training every time you have an opportunity.

In this way you will get not only some additional and useful information but will also see how other people run their small business.

·         Be sure to define the direction of your business.

Doing some daily routine, be sure that you know where you would like to be in 5-6 years.


2.      Learn how you can market your organization.

It does not mean you should try to sell your services to everyone. But you should actually find your target audience and be able to sell your products to this audience.

When marketing, bear in mind the following information:

·         Be aware of who your customers are.

·         Communicate with your potential customers.

·         Try to make your relations as personalized as possible.

This will be a great bonus for you comparing with large companies who simply do not have an opportunity to know their customers’ names, for example.

·         Do not stop your marketing activity.

Owning a small business, marketing should become an indispensable part of your daily routine.


Bear in mind that your small business is your large company. So, never stop to work hard for the sake of its prosperity.

Do your best to make right decisions, learn how to market your products and personalize your relations with your customers to the highest extent.