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How To Inspire Your Team To Work?


There is a notion, that the situation on a job market force many employees to appreciate their position and be ready to struggle for it. Indeed, the present economic circumstances give the workers a difficult task. There is a number of employees who work awaiting for the retirement age to come, when they can receive social security at last. Some can’t meet the proper job, though they wanted to leave and move on before the recession. And there are employees, who are indifferent about this problem – they come to work and leave, when the work day ends. Sadly, today not a lot of employed people are pleased with the current job and motivated enough, which hampers achievement of high-quality results with a strong team.


Try to find out, perhaps, your attitude is similar with the above-mentioned groups and you are just dreaming about changing your position for the better one. You should keep in your mind, that the way you treat your job now quite possible can be reflected in your employer’s or colleagues’ recommendations: remarkable, mediocre or even unpleasant ones. People are always inspired and motivated by their manager’s attitude to work. Below we offer few ideas how to enliven your team and make them work.


1.      Be better.  Compare the way salaries are formed in your company with other companies in the same field. Don’t forget, that capable and skilful workers should be appreciated sufficiently. Maybe, you need to review the present salaries and, if you find it necessary, make latest corrections in it. Along with the usual benefits, such as cost of health plans, you can find other benefits, which can be offered to your employees and stimulate them. It would be very useful to involve the team in improving the working conditions, for example by asking their opinions of the essential benefits.


2.      Be thankful. Sometimes all we need an approval. Healthy emotional atmosphere has a great value and gratitude is an integral part of it. Each can remember when he or she needed a pat on the back. Reward shouldn’t be amounted in money only, and sometimes you just have no opportunity to raise wages to the hard-working employees, who achieve good results. So, you can develop a program for appreciation of the successful workers, to tell them thanks for their valuable contribution publicly. And it is very important to be attentive and mention their specific achievements and explain its significance for the whole team’s success.


3.      Give positive feedback.  Correct response indicates that you are interested in employee’s progress. Giving feedback is not the same as judgment, and it’s very important to pay special attention to fortes of a person and find the ways to develop, when discussing person’s weak points. Avoid censure on the wrong deeds. He who makes no mistakes, makes nothing. Mistakes can be considered as our sides to be improved, which give us a chance to advance and become better. There is always something about your job, what you can learn or upgrade already existing skills. Discuss the problem and encourage employee to speak out his ideas of solving it jointly. Experience is the greatest teacher.


4.      Provide comfortable work conditions. Big corporations such as Google or Facebook have an opportunity to provide their employees with many comfortable, relaxing or funny things, for example, fooze ball and ping pong tables, open and spacious offices, and even afternoon naps. Not a lot of companies can afford these work conditions, but there are many ways to turn hard work into more pleasant and attractive thing. You can think about replacing strict everyday dress code with more comfortable one, work schedule can be more convenient and adaptable, it would be especially valuable for the ones with families and children. Explore what work conditions are considered as the most important by the employees and see if you can satisfy their requirements in this field. It can become a great motivational factor. Less troubles and more amicability will help you to create a happy work environment comfortable in every way.


It can be a great surprise when you realize, that you are the toughest person to motivate. You are the only one who chooses whether to be positive or not. And with help of your team you can become an inspiring leader and create wonderful, friendly and productive work environment.