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How to get invitations to interviews

As soon as you have sent your application and a potential employer has received your resume, the next step will be an invitation to the interview where an employer would like to check your communication skills. You must be really proud of yourself if you get several invitations a day as you are really great at selling yourself.


Resumes are a good way of presentation your skills and abilities when made correctly. The majority of the employers say that if the resume meets their requirements they are sure to invite this applicant to the interview. But think about having several interviews a day. How? Consider our tips below:

 1. The title of the position you apply for should be placed at the very beginning of the resume. This approach shows that the candidate knows for sure what he or she needs.


2. Pay attention to the words you use. Thus if you use some powerful vocabulary, you will have an additional opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills.


3. Use markers to point your skills, qualifications, knowledge, etc. First, they systematize your resume; second they are sure to catch the attention of your potential interviewer.


4. Don’t forget that your resume should be selective. Be attentive to send only one resume to a certain occupation within the same company. If you do not follow this advice, you will simply waste your time.


5. Don’t hesitate and ask a professional to help you. Very often the best resumes are those written with the help of experts.


Besides, remember some simple rules your potential employer may ask you to follow. Here belongs the number of symbols allowed for the answer, for example. Be serious about it because it is also some kind of a test to check your ability to cope with the easiest tasks. And be very neat when it comes to the appearance, so to speak, of your resume. Do not fold it.


Writing a resume, be honest and never leave empty spaces unless this is the only thing to do. Being honest does not presuppose telling the employer everything about your skills. Mention only your achievements and other factors which are beneficial for you and give you some advantages in comparison with other applicants.


Think about references and those people who may provide you with them. Favorable yet honest references are really important.