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Graduates and Salaries

Graduating from college or university, the majority of young people feel absolutely excited about getting their first job. But it is hardly an easy thing to do since very few of them have any working experience and even if they still do, very often it is limited to some part time job only.


Starting from nothing, there are not many opportunities but to begin their job search among entry-level opportunities and during the years try to go up the career ladder. The biggest challenge the graduates have to come across when doing their job search is a very serious competition. The reason for this is that young people have to compete not only with other graduates but with those people who either have left their previous job or have been laid off and now are seeking for a new job, too.


According to career experts and coaches, there are not that many options to choose among as the newly grads usually do not have any experience. So, their chances to get a higher salary are rather low.



The salary range of graduates bases on their diploma, i.e. the course they have completed. As one of the survey shows, it turned out that it was easier to get a higher salary for those who have a degree in sciences than in arts.

Perhaps the only piece of advice which could help you during the discussion of your salary is to know you are absolutely brilliant at what you do and never sell yourself for peanuts. The reality is that the majority of young people applying for a job are afraid they won’t find anything else and say “yes” the moment an employer has uttered the sum he or she is ready to pay even if they think they might get more.


It is advisable to refer to the salary only after the actual offer has been made. After that, an interviewee may politely ask how much the company is ready to pay him or her.



After that it is recommended that a job-seeker should ask some questions concerning his or her responsibilities. Don’t forget to emphasize that your contribution to the company is more important than a salary for a recruiter to understand you appreciate working in a team.


Apart from this, applicants may raise their chances to get more money by means of gathering some information on how much people occupying the same position get in other companies. So, do not give an immediate answer. Ask for some time to think everything and use this time to try to discuss your salary for some more time.


Landing a job doesn’t presuppose getting a good salary only. Here belong some other social benefits the company provides to employees. And you should study them carefully before signing all the documents as the importance of these benefits can hardly be overestimated.