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Follow up on your contacts

If you are searching for a job, never rely on chance. If you think that you are through after you have distributed your resume, you are wrong.


Looking for a job, you should not forget to follow up on your contacts. It is an indispensable part of getting people to know about you, your professionalism and politeness.


Consider the tips below to increase your chances to land a job:


  • After a couple of days after the interview, send a thank-you-note to the potential employer. Even if you are not hired by this company, the chances are high they will keep information about you and are likely to consider your candidacy for some other job opening in the future.


  • Be attentive and do not forget to provide the potential employer with your contact phone numbers, email address and home address. In this case an employer won’t have any excuses of not contacting you.


  • Do not forget to get the contact information from employer. When writing to them or calling them after the interview, make sure their names and all other information is spelt correctly.


  • Some companies pay attention and are keen on your character references. So, warn the people on your list that your potential employer may contact them.


  • Be positive. Even if you do not get the position of your dreams, do not let your negative emotions overwhelm you. You may try to ask your prospective employer to provide you with some referrals or just bear in mind your candidacy when it comes to hiring net time.


The same tactics can be used if you are starting or planning to start your business. For instance, you have distributed your cards to some people at some party. But do not stop here. There is a possibility they will be interested in your organization.


Below are hints on how to contact people if you are in business already:


  • Send thank-you-notes to your current and potential customers. This activity is sure to attract more customers to your business as notes like this will remind them your name and your brand. And that is what any business needs for its prosperity.
  • Send follow-up messages. This is likely to attract more customers to you, too.


         A good idea is to make your emails or letters or sms personal as this will create a feeling they know you personally and thus may relax and feel safe and secure.


  • Be sure you are quick. Quick and prompt replies are the best way to make your customers think about your services.