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Cold calls: turn them into success

Perhaps everyone in their life has come through an ordeal called a cold call. The most interesting thing about it is that all of us equal in this situation and all of us experience the same disgusting emotions irrespective of our social status.


So, what is a cold call? A cold call is either a personal call or visit to a person you either do not know at all or know just a little. And the purpose of the call is the desire to sell some product either for your private or official business.


Some people think that the realia of the cold call is topical only when you call a total stranger. But it’s not like this. It may be some person you’ve seen once or twice for instance, at a party, or have been introduced by your friend. But the task is no easier. To feel better, try to make your contact list of your potential customers as small as you can. And then gradually add there more serious contacts.


As we’ve said above, we all feel the same in situations like this. Think about doctors or lawyers. They depend on the recommendations of their friends or clients.


Although sometimes you may feel a desire to give everything up, try to develop the right attitude. This can be achieved with the help of planning, preparations and training. You may not believe it but anyone can be a salesperson.


Follow these simple hints to make cold calls warmer:



Be positive


Cold calling is one of the best business strategies. Start with yourself. Thank think about your future customers. And be positive when calling. It is of paramount importance that people hear and feel your energy and enthusiasm.


Prepare to be Prepared


Preparation is your basis for success. All people are different. So, think how you are going to start and what namely you are going to say to this or that prospect. Try to explain to yourself, first, why your product may be beneficial for other people. Be responsible about it. This approach may turn your business into something really amazing.


Remain yourself


Never behave in the way not typical for you. Insincere behavior is always seen and you are interested in long-lasting relations.




No one likes being rejected. But be ready to accept it. Never get disappointed. Use your mistake to improve yourself. Remember that your persistence is the key to success.


The Art of Questioning


You perfectly understand that people are not likely to believe you at once. So, use the right tactics, i.e. ask right questions. Such questions as "May I ask you about something Ms/Mr?" or "Can you help me out about this thing sir/ma'am?" are helpful and are sure to bring you the answer you’ve been waiting for.