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Accounting job search

After graduation, accounting alumni have a wide range of options to start their career. Qualified accounting graduates are highly required at any company. So, you have a great opportunity to find a job in any area, such as financial analysis and management accounting, audit and tax, etc.

Being an accounting graduate, your career can go up to the top of management.

So, if you graduate from, for instance, public accounting establishment, you can pretend to being a representative of tax or auditor staff, management and consulting services. It is the best choice to start with, but after three or six years working in this position you can apply for the next levels such as a senior auditor, tax senior or management senior where your work deals directly with management. Positions of partner level and senior partner would be available to you after six years of good experience at senior positions.

With the advantage of corporate accounting, having one to three years of experience you can pretend to becoming a staff member in tax accounting, financial and management accounting, internal audit. After working from three to six years in one of these accounting positions you are entitled to the senior level and then, in another six years, the position of a manager is available to you.

Specialization in financial sphere has the same way of career building. If you have a vast experience in, for example, cash management or credit analysis, you can pretend to the position of senior level of credit analysis or senior financial planning and then, in another three to six years, to a manager position.

All our examples are a traditional way of career building for accounting alumni but it is not the only way for your career to rise to the top of management. But if you wish to take over other job seekers, you should always improve your skills, widen your knowledge in other aspects of education and have a good work experience.