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Stars about Virgos and their Work Abilities

Stars about Virgos and their Work Abilities


A good employee and a great employee can be differed by their ability to notice patterns and forecast people’s reaction. Exploring co-workers likes will give you a chance to mark out or just live through the day.


Maybe astrologic knowledge won’t make you seeing the future, anyway it will give you deeper understanding of life’s cycles and why exact people behave different in similar conditions. Such information can be very useful for common everyday discussion or cooperation. Knowing a star sign of your co-worker will help you to score a success when negotiating work issues.


Let’s consider Virgos for instance. Born between August 23 and September 22. This zodiac can be characterized with the phrase "I analyze, therefore I am." Usually they are considered as honest, reliable and trustworthy employees. They are very fast in solving intellectual problems, as well as Vulcan like logic prevails in their work, which sometimes can be disappointing for one side of the dispute.


The most prominent features of the Virgos are: analyticity, seriousness, punctiliousness, practicality, conscientiousness, health care, diligence, sensitivity, efficiency, careful attitude to money,neatness, fastidiousnesslaconism, circumstantiality, prudence, circumspection, intelligence, perspicacity, reflection, perfectionism.


As Dr. Standley says, this sun sign is extremely methodical and it would be more probable that a mistake would be found in work of the bank employees than a Virgo would return a check. For an employer it could the best sign to hire, as Virgos rule the 6th house of the sign which contains: routine, health, clothing, food, work, employees, skills, servants, small animals, illness, daily life, working environment, hygiene, pets, animals and service.


You can always be sure that Virgos will do their work at the highest quality level; though sometimes this extreme attention to detail turns its back side to themselves, for example, it can become very difficult for them to finish the job and admit it fully completed. So, they can delay signing a project until deadline comes.


Attractive professions for Virgos are:  Printer, Data Operator, Architecture, Editor, Travelling Salesperson, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Computer Analyst, Contractor, Dental Hygenist, Dietician, Medical Field, Housekeeper, Personal Assistant, and Proofreader etc. Some other good careers for Virgos are Actuary, Investment Banker, Stockbroker, Corrections Officer, Government Minister, Accountant, or Insurance Agent.


 Relationships with coworkers are determined as pleasant or stressful by the way how Virgo can get on with the rest of the team. Neighborhood with Taurus, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and other Virgos conduces to warm and flourishing atmosphere. Sun signs which include Aries, Aquarius, Gemini and Pisces are the most difficult for Virgos to work with. Depending on organization of the working process cooperation between Virgo and Leo, Cancer, Libra or Scorpio can lead to a great success or a total catastrophe.