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Be Prepared for a Layoff

Be Prepared for a Layoff


There are cases when you can have a premonition of a lay off – the company might be struggling financial crisis or some of your peers might have already been laid off. Preparing to hard times in advance will shorten your time as an unemployed job seeker.


Update Your Resume

Having spend some time in a company you are about to leave, try to renovate your resume. Add and describe all the projects you took part in and skills you have acquired. Make it look convincing and trustworthy.


Keep Networking

Stay in touch with members of your network. Offer your help if someone needs it. This person might help you in the future.


Work on Your Skills

Learn some new skills and brush up what you have already acquired. Taking an evening course would be nice. If you totally lack time consider online courses. Develop yourself and be best prepared to leave.


Don't Worry

The emotions you experience are crucially important. Leaving one company and searching for another is not an easy process. Try to calm down and take time for yourself. There are a lot of important and interesting things outside work. Do some shopping or go to a beauty salon, have fun with friends and leave enough time for a hobby.


Think about a Career Change

A career change must not frighten you. It might turn into a wonderful challenge. Think what you mostly like, maybe a lay off would bring you more happiness then you expected if finally you find a dream job for yourself.