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Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself


Personally or Professionally?

It's pretty hard to trace the difference between personal and professional branding, because describing yourself as a professional is inseparable from describing what person you are. There are no two individuals – you as a person and you as an employee, and it's a tricky thing you need to take into consideration when branding yourself. Try to sort out the facts that matter to your employer, something from what your career might only benefit. The key word here is relevant – write relevant information about who you are and where you want to move in your career.


Check It

You can always use a search engine to see what kind of brand you've already created for yourself – do you have top profiles in social networks ? Can your CV, a personal blog, any articles you ever wrote or you biography be easily found in the Internet? If not, register on various websites and try to promote your pages.


Be Careful With Social Networks

If there are any pictures of you partying with friends or being at a sea resort, it would be reasonable to limit access to them. Think carefully what kind of information you would like your potential employers to see, sort out content for friends and for company managers who would possibly look through your page. Let you friends and family see how you can party, not your future employers.

Besides, writing a blog, mind what you mention about employment and career. Words are very important. They may either work for you or fail you. So, you should be careful when mentioning companies and industries.


Start Branding

After having changed security settings to your web pages, start building a professional brand for yourself. A wisely composed online profile will not only show your talents and attract potential employers, but also move you to the top among the list of similar pages. Get 'likes' from other users, appear in news feeds, be good-humored and update your web pages regularly.


Don't Grow Cold

Building a professional brand is a permanently lasting job. It does not stop when you submit a web page. Moreover, real work only starts with the first click you make. A profile needs to be regularly updated, and on order not to lose certain contacts you'll have to stay in touch. Whatever work you might do in your daily life, branding yourself online is an extra work. Venture yourself, hopefully you will enjoy it.