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There is a set of standard questions for a job promotion interview you might expect to be asked. But you should also be prepared to answer tricky and unexpected ones. Most likely you will have to consider carefully what role you play in the company and what benefits your promotion might bring to it.


Questions for a Job Promotion Interview

  • Do you enjoy your current position? If so, what exactly do you enjoy about it?

  • What are your greatest career achievements?

  • What do you know about the position you are applying for? What do you know about the team you are going to enter?

  • What are your reasons to apply for this particular position

  • Why do you worth considering for this position?

  • Why are you the best candidate?

  • Will you have to be trained to gain enough skills for this position?

  • How will you react in case you're not granted a promotion?

  • If you get the promotion, after what time will you apply for a new one?


You Do have the Advantage

As a rule, both insiders and candidates from other companies are interviewed. As an insider, you have diverse advantages, due to your previous experience in the company. After some months and years in one company, you acquire priceless company specific skills.

Besides, you can make a list of your accomplishments within the company. Make a list of projects you have completed successfully, count the goals you have achieved. Show that a promotion will bring mutual benefit both to you and your company.