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What Bothers Employees?

What Bothers Employees?


Although companies differ from each other, employees grow unsatisfied with their employers for comparatively the same reasons. Knowing what your employees don't like about the company is your key to success and a challenge for improvements.


  1. Being Underpaid

    Actually, being underpaid is the major concern of employees all around the world. If your employees never come up to you with pay rise requests it does not automatically mean that they have nothing to complain about. On the contrary, it might mean they are not encouraged to feel free expressing their needs at work. A person who is responsible for others in the company could take care of creating relaxed, non-autocratic atmosphere at work.


  2. Benefits are Not Distributed Fairly Among Employee

    If an employee is feeling their performance is not rewarded fairly, it leads to a complete loss of motivation, and, as a result, you may lose the employee.


  3. Benefits Are Not Sufficient

    People tend to require more benefits, and be unsatisfied with, for example, how much they have to pay for a health insurance. From time to time, an employer should prove the company cares about its employees and increase the list of benefits for them.


  4. Too Much Control in the Workplace

    People may be irritated by having a lot of bosses when there is no need for it. In fact, a company where there are less employees then bosses, can not work efficiently. Consider if you need to fire or reduce some managers and hire more professionals.


  5. Payment Increase Scheme is Killing Motivation

    Even if employees' salary is increased regularly it's not enough to add a fixed amount of money to every employee's paycheck. People could feel that the better they perform – the more they will get. In this case, their motivation will not disappear.


  1. Employees Feel They Are Not Treated Equally

    There are some employees whose faults are ignored by bosses. Others feel underestimated or being found fault with. No need to say that having favorites in a company is completely inappropriate.


  2. Employees Are Overworking

    There are not enough people in the company, and employees are overloaded with work. To make things worse, a company may even start laying people off. Then the rest is sure to be hugely depressed having to do extra job.


  3. Workplace Is Inconvenient and Uncomfortable

    Employees lack the essentials and have to spend their own money in it. Workplaces are not convenient, for example there is not enough light, no facilities, the office is not kept clean.

    An employer who respects their employees should avoid it.