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How to Get Employed with Social Networks’ Help

How to Get Employed with Social Networks’ Help



According to Jobvite’s 2012 Social Recruiting Survey (Jobvite, a recruitment platform for the social Web), employers are increasingly using social networking to find employees. Practically, 73% of employers hired a candidate with help of social media, in comparison with 63% in 2011.


The survey confirms a great role of self-presentation on the Internet for candidates. As nearly three-fourths of the main employers look through online services to meet their future workers, you reduce possibilities to find a desirable job many times in case of absence of self-promotion via the Web.

To have successful start on the Internet we offer you some advice:

Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is considered as a chief social networking site, which places great employers’ vacancies and helps job seekers to be noticeable to the potential employers and companies, who are trying to meet a talented candidate satisfying their demands. Also with this service you can communicate and share experience with other seekers within your profession field. Profile on LinkedIn provides with opportunity to public your resume and collect positive references from colleagues, clients, and former employers. If you seriously aim to conquer a worthy position, you shouldn’t omit this site.

Make a Professional Profile on Facebook 

Facebook is another very popular with employers social network. The Jobvite survey shows that 66% of employers use Facebook to recruit and hire candidates. This social network is mostly known for its communicational opportunities, which are less focused on a professional side, so if you wish you can create a totally professional profile, dedicated to things connected to your job only. 

Create a Twitter Account

There are a lot professional opportunities, which Twitter can provide you with, such as an area to promote your talents, place your resume and exchange profiles in the tweets. In Twitter you can easily brand yourself in just a short phrase. To receive the best outcome you should use other means, which include writing a brief professional biography, placing a smart photo, and sharing posts, concerning your professional field and different aspects of work. This way you can create a professional profile, approachable for Internet users and positioning you as a skilful, competitive and highly qualified candidate.

Today using accounts in social networks is obviously essential part of job search, as most employers can be found on these sites. So, you are provided with all the benefits of social networking sites and have a great opportunity to promote your online professional profile at most.