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The Truth About Work Life Balance

The Truth About Work Life Balance



Work life balance has been actively discussed recently. People tend to work more and have less time left for their families and personal life. Employees are forced to fulfill more tasks on a shorter amount of time, and it causes inevitable stress. Although there is a number of prominent employee-friendly companies in the USA, a lot of employers still lack flexibility and refuse to turn working conditions into more relaxed.


What Employees Are Feeling About It


  • About90% of employees are troubled with poor work life balance. At the same time, 50% of employees referred to it as to a huge problem.

  • As for employees' attitude to their employers, 57% of respondents think their companies are paying enough attention to the question of work life balance. Other 43% are dissatisfied and feel that employers don't care about it.

  • 52% of respondents think that economic recession has not brought them more free time they could spend with their families.

  • 39% of employees feel they have even less free time during periods of economic recession.

  • Those people who can't achieve a proper work life balance say that their families suffer from it greatly.

  • As for gender statistics, 44% of male employees, aged between 35 and 54, and 64% of female employees, from 27 to 50 years old, experience poor work life balance.

  • 30% of respondents feel that inadequate work life balance is leading them to burnout, and 42% confess they are emotionally exhausted.


How Much Time?

Every new generation works more than the previous one. On average, present-day employees work 11 hours per week more then their parents did 30 years ago. Moreover, 40% of full-time employees work more then 50 hours a week, and about 80% of them would like to change the routine.


No need to say that the higher position a person occupies in a company – the more stress he / she experiences, and the less time can be dedicated to family, domestic chores and relaxation. A recent survey has shown that out of 800 SEOs:


  • 73% of them often have to work late hours, that is to stay at work between 6 and 9 pm. 63% have to spend weekends at work.

  • 70% share the opinion that modern Internet devices steal time, not save it.

  • 65% of respondents could not go on a paid vacation due to being overloaded with work.