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Respect in the Workplace

Respect in the Workplace



Healthy workplace atmosphere is built on mutual respect between coworkers, bosses and subordinates. If an employee quits, the reasons for it can be numerous: being underpaid, seeking a promotion, being on bad terms with a boss. In some cases, people quit because of other people's annoying behavior at work. Some actions, for example, loud and stupid laughter or talking on the phone endlessly, done without any malicious purpose, can drive people around us crazy. As a result, nothing will retain people in the company if they are feeling constant disrespect. It's a great problem both for employers as a company's efficiency only reduces, and for employees because they have survive in a constantly changing environment and do extra job until a new employee is found to fill in.


There are actions we need to avoid in the office, unless we want to irritate other people and force them to resign. Here they are:


  • Talking on the phone loudly

  • Refusing to wash up after eating in the office

  • Being constantly late

  • Standing behind an employee's back, reading what he / she is typing

  • Taking another employee's stuff from their desk without permission

  • Not using standard polite forms in speech, never saying 'thank you' or 'please'

  • Using perfume excessively

  • Cracking a chewing gum when people are around

  • Lying to a boss, involving coworkers into this lies

  • Having made a mistake, defend yourself by blaming others

  • Refusing to share credit with colleagues

  • Making subordinates solve their boss's personal issues

  • Being intolerable to other people's religious and political views

  • Reading other employee's mail

  • Sending spam emails to coworkers

  • Telling dirty jokes about colleagues

  • Smoking in the office

  • Spreading gossip around the office, complaining about everything

  • Treating others as inexperienced kids