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Non-Sexual Harassment at Work

Non-Sexual Harassment at Work



We are used to associating the noun 'harassment' with the adjective 'sexual'. In fact, no one guarantees you won't ever face other kinds of harassment in the workplace. What can we call non-sexual harassment? - These are all sorts of gender, age, religion or race discrimination, alongside with mobbing or any other actions creating ill and intolerable atmosphere.



  • Making constant negative remarks about a person's religious feelings, trying to impose other religious views on them.

  • Using taboo words referring the race the employee belongs to

  • Jesting on someone's skin color, eyes type, etc

  • Distributing posters or drawing with racist content.

  • Offensive gesturing

  • Improper mentioning of someone's physical or mental disabilities

  • Sharing videos or images of insulting nature

  • Public proclamation of any racial ideas

  • Making insulting comments on someone's age

  • Dressing in a way that might outrage certain ethnic groups


Of course, these are only few examples of non-sexual harassment. Any threats or comments destructing healthy atmosphere and leading to strong disagreement in the group and reducing individual work efficiency are considered to be acts harassment as well.


It's important to sort out unworthy employers in the very beginning, when you are going through interviews. There is a list of taboo questions that can not be asked at interviews under any circumstances. The employer should not be bothered with your sexual orientation, religious affiliation, possible disabilities, ethnic and race belonging and political views.