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No Discrimination in the Workplace

No Discrimination in the Workplace


When one person is treated differently from others in the workplace, according to their belonging to a different race / age group / gender, etc, this can be called workplace discrimination. In fact, employees can be discriminated in any employment issues: hiring, benefits, pay rises, promotions, internships training and assignments. Employees in the USA are protected by the Federal law that prohibits workplace discrimination according to the following factors:

  • people's age

  • gender

  • religious views

  • belonging to a certain race

  • country of origin

  • any disability

  • skin color

  • being pregnant


It should be mentioned that not only direct harassment according to any of these factors can be punished by law, but any retaliation against an employee who is determined to charge the company of discrimination and depriving employees of equal opportunities at work.


At the same time, each state has got its own state law. In some states, discrimination for sexual orientation and weight is also illegal. And the number of these states is only growing.