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How to Work with a Disability

How to Work with a Disability


Being disabled does not mean a person can't build a fascinating career. As well as all the others, disabled people can find jobs according to their skills and preferences. The most important point is that only the disabled person is to decide what job to choose, on the basis of a doctor's council.


Disabled Americans are protected by American laws. The 1973 Rehabilitation Act prohibits discrimination of disabled professionals. Besides, government contractors and subcontractors with the contracts for sums exceeding $10.000 must provide advanced employment to qualified specialists with disabilities; the latter must not be limited in any activities or programs, and being members of career agencies and offices these individuals are to have full access to all the necessary information along with the non-disabled.


The most famous American law concerning employment is the 1990 Americans with Disability Act (ADA). According to the ADA, companies employing more than 15 people must provide all necessary accommodations to disabled job applicants or employees with physical or mental disabilities to fulfill their tasks and have equal rights with non-disabled staff.


Moreover, an employer must not make an applicant go through medical examination prior to offering a job. An employer should not try to find out if a candidate is disabled or not either. Quiet often it's up to the employees themselves to choose whether to inform the company about their disabilities or not. If the disabilities are not visible, this is the question of purely individual choice. A person may prefer to hide some disabilities if they are not obvious, on the other hand, confessing being physically or mentally disabled can win an employee necessary accommodations to be an equal part of the team. Finally, a person always takes independent decision.