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Become More Prominent at Work

Become More Prominent at Work



Some employees try to conform and not to stand out at work – they fulfill all the tasks but not to come up with new ideas, reject initiative and never do more than is expected of them. They feel safe when hiding in the crowd. Others are more ambitious, they are not scared of being paid attention to and want to move forward. If you belong to the latter group and if you are eager to grow professionally, this article contains perfect strategies right for you.


  1. First and foremost, don't be afraid to talk to your supervisors about what's bothering you. Don't expect them to read your mind and understand that you need a more interesting / less monotonous job. People can not read it by your face expression. So, if you need something, speak about it.

  2. Having decided to talk to your supervisor, make up a list of suggestions, that is ask yourself what you really can do to improve the work of your department and the whole company and what could be a challenging task for you. Come up with these ideas to your supervisor.

  3. Become a representative of your department, someone who would speak on behalf of your colleagues. Not only you will get the chance to communicate and collaborate with new people, but become more visible in the company.

  4. Establish friendly relationships with your boss. There is no need to inflict your company upon this person, flatter or pretend. But you can build favorable human relationships with the boss and benefit from it.

  5. If there is something you can do, some useful skills that are not permanently required at this job, try not to lose them. Practice leads to perfection and gives you an extra advantage over others. Some day your company might need you to perform what no one else can do. Let your boss be aware of your talents. In addition, you will create an impression of a goal-oriented, hard-working and determined employee.

  6. Inquire about possible participation in any professional courses or seminars. Use every chance to learn something new and share it with your boss and colleagues. As a result, your department's efficiency will improve.