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Are You Rejected at Work?

Are You Rejected at Work?


Being rejected by any group of people is a painful experience. No matter how independent a person is, everyone needs communication. It gives us the feeling of belonging to the environment that we can influence and change, it also builds the feeling of protection and confidence. Otherwise, long-lasting rejection can actually destroy a person's career, self-esteem and bring serious psychological problems. Rejection is a sort of confrontation, and if a human being starts rejecting another human being, there is always a certain message in it. Being rejected a person has got two basic tasks – to endure it and to understand the message in the wight way, and, consequently, respond to it properly.


Being surrounded by people and working with them closely, each employee faces the situations that could trigger rejection. You can start thinking you are being rejected at work in the following situations:


  • You applied for a promotion several times, but never gained it.

  • You have not been assigned to a great project.

  • A colleague who organized a party has not invited you.

  • Invited a colleague to go out together, but he / she refused.

  • Your boss ignores you, he / she does not provide any feedback to you.

  • You competed for a pay rise but it was given to someone else.

  • The pay rise you've received was smaller than you expected.

  • Your colleague has not shared credit with you for the job you've accomplished together.

  • Your boss has criticized you in public.