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Tips to Handle a Workplace Romance

Tips to Handle a Workplace Romance


Love is dangerous, and workplace love can hurt you more than you can imagine. Love stories at work happen quite often. The more time people spend in a company – the more likely they will fall in love with a colleague. Here are the tips not to let a love story at work damage your career and life.


  • Companies tend to have policies about love relationships at work. Be aware of company rules.

  • Until you and your partner decide you are a couple, don't let anyone know about the relationships.

  • Know your limits in the office: even though you may feel great love and affection towards your partner, avoid displaying it publicly.

  • If you decide to open your secret to colleagues, don't tell everyone about it, let only close friends and people whom you trust learn about it. In this case, gossip will not spread around the office.

  • If you can not escape working closely with your partner, try not to change your professional behavior at work, even if your opinions differ, keep cool and stick to the point. Don't let anyone accuse of manipulating your partner.

  • Make a plan how you see the development of your relationship. Ask yourself and your partner what both of you can sacrifice for your relationship and if anyone is ready to quit the company to avoid further complications.

  • Don't worry too much, enjoy yourself and the love story as love makes our lives worth living.