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Company's Name: Mobile Recruitment

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At Mobile Recruitment, we meet with every one of our clients to gain a true understanding of their recruitment needs, and their profile as an organization. Before we activate an assignment we make sure that there is a real commitment from you, to apply the most effective and professional approach to fulfilling your recruitment needs. In turn we make a commitment to you that we will interview, profile and if need be, apply further assessment tools to every candidate that we recommend you meet. At every stage in the process we will record and give feedback on our progression to ensure complete transparency, consistency and understanding from our clients. Understanding the client We insist that we meet with all our potential clients before we agree to provide you with assistance in your recruitment process. We believe that this is essential to gaining a greater understanding of your needs, and enables us to act more effectively as an ambassador of your business Recruitment process Sourcing the right candidate We employ a number of media to ensure that we explore all avenues in our aim to find the right candidate. These include job posting on various website’s, leveraging our on-line capability through our partnership agreement with an online recruitment portal, advertising in local and regional press on agreement, our comprehensive database of candidates which we store and search using a new and highly powerful search facility, word of mouth and network of contacts built. Mobile Recruitment Page2/4 Candidate Screening Once we have identified potential candidates for your vacancy, we will begin a comprehensive pre-screening process. All candidates that we introduce to you will have been met by us, we will conduct a behavioural interview to identify and corroborate the skill sets as articulated by you as key to the role. We can also incorporate your organizational competencies into the interview process, which will enable us to provide you with feedback specific to the competencies that you have identified as key to your organizational success. Shortlist Presentation Once we have identified those candidates, which are abest fit in terms of the job and candidate specification that you have provided us with, we will present you with a quality candidate shortlist of an optimum number of 3 people. These candidates will be presented with an up to date copy of their resume, along with a detailed profile which will include an appraisal of that individual’s career choices to date, as well as a more general appraisal of their softer skills as displayed in interview, and their suitability for the role in question. ReferenceChecking Should you require us to do so, we are happy to secure references on your behalf for candidates that you have selected. We have a reference checking template that ensures that we solicit from past employers, information that is relevant to you as a potential employer. We can do this via phone or even secure written references according to your preference. We do as well utilize Kroll to do our educational, criminaland credit checks on our candidates as and when a client requires it, this extra service does carry a additional fee, please see Attached schedule for the appropriate fees. Psychometrics We recognize that the interview is not the only resource available to you as a employer, and that in order to make the right recruitment decision, you may wish to employ additional selection methods. We are able tooffer psychometric assessments on your behalf, from personality profiling, to ability testing, and even building an ideal personality profile for your organization. Follow up Our relationship with you does not end once a placement has been made. We make sure that we are available to receive any feedback you may have relating to the newest member of your team. If we don’t hear from you, then you will hear from us within three months, as we believe that the consulting lifecycle extends well beyond an offer of employment. Our rates Cost of Investment The cost of investment in quality human capital for your organisation is detailed as follows;  A flat rate often percent(10%) of the Annualpensionablestarting salary of each appointedemployee is applicable. Mobile Recruitment

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